Lobbying Contacts Policy

In accordance with Section 2987 of the Public Authorities Law, the United Nations Development Corporation (the “Corporation”) has adopted the lobbying contacts policy set forth below

1. For the purposes of this Policy:

A. “Lobbyist” shall mean every person or organization retained, employed or designated by any other person or organization to engage in Lobbying on behalf of such other person or organization. The term “lobbyist” shall not include any officer, director, trustee, employee, counsel or agent of the state of New York, or any municipality or subdivision thereof when discharging his or her official duties; except those officers, directors, trustees, employees, counsels, or agents of colleges, as defined by section two of the education law.

B. "Lobbying" shall mean and include any attempt to influence: (i) the adoption or rejection of any rule or regulation having the force and effect of law by the Corporation, and (ii) the outcome of any rate making proceeding by the Corporation.

C. "Contact" shall mean any conversation, in person or by telephonic or other remote means, or correspondence between any lobbyist engaged in the act of lobbying and any person within the Corporation who can make or influence a decision on the subject of the lobbying on behalf of the Corporation, and shall include, at a minimum, all members of the Board of Directors and all officers of the Corporation.

D. "Lobbying Contracts Officer" means the General Counsel of the Corporation or such other officer or employee of the Corporation so appointed by the Corporation's President.

2. Recording of Lobbying Contracts

Every member of the Board of Directors, officer or employee of the Corporation who is contacted by a lobbyist shall make a contemporaneous record of such contact containing the day and time of the contact, the identity of the lobbyist and a general summary of the substance of the contact and shall promptly deliver such record to the Lobbying Contacts Officer.

3. Maintenance of Records of Lobbying Contacts

The Lobbying Contacts Officer shall maintain such records for not less than seven years in a filing system designed to organize such records in a manner so as to make such records useful to determine whether the decisions of the Corporation were influenced by lobbying contacts.