Mission Statement

The United Nations Development Corporation is a New York State public benefit corporation created in 1968 to assist the United Nations community with its office space and other real estate needs.

The mission of the UNDC is (a) to provide office space and other facilities that help meet the current and future needs of the United Nations (the "U.N."), missions to the U.N. and U.N.-related programs (together, the "U.N. Community"), and (b) otherwise to assist the U.N. Community in meeting its current and future real estate needs. To accomplish its mission and help the City and State of New York fulfill their responsibilities as hosts to the U.N. Community, the Corporation develops and operates office and other facilities for the benefit of the U.N. Community. The Corporation also provides advice and services, including studies, with respect to real estate needs and development within the State of New York as requested by the State or City of New York, the United States or the U.N.

Under its enabling statute, the Corporation is currently permitted to develop and operate real estate only within a prescribed area (the "Development District") in the vicinity of U.N. headquarters in Manhattan. The boundaries of the Development District and other powers of the Corporation are subject to change to the extent provided by additional legislation. The Corporation has from time to time sought the enactment of such additional legislation, and may do so in the future, consistent with its mission and at the request of the U.N. or the City or State of New York, and in order to respond to and help meet changing real estate needs of the U.N. Community.

Enabling Statute

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